New Pricing

Important Information: Google API and Billing

  • Map My Sheet uses Google Maps internally. Google charges for using Google Maps API. Refer to Google Pricing.

  • Google Map requires API Key and Billing needs to be enabled - either by the user or by Jivrus

  • So there are two types of plans (Important)

    • User Supplied Key - User provides API Key (User Key) - Here users need to generate API Key and setup. This plan is cost-effective but not very user friendly. Depending on usage, users might need to pay Google too. Refer Google Pricing

    • Managed Key - Jivrus provides API Key (Jivrus Key) - Here Jivrus' API key is used internally. These plans are very user friendly as user can start right away. These plans are priced based on usage and Jivrus will internally pay to Google.

Price Plans

Attention: Customers from India:

  • You may not be able to pay through PayPal.

  • If so, please contact us or write to with the plan that you are looking for.

  • We can send you an invoice and bank details to directly transfer

  • Following payment, we can provision your license