Basic Features

The Basic features of Map My Sheet are listed below

Easy and Simple

Map My Sheet is the simplest and easiest way to present Google Sheet data into Google Maps.

Straight from Google Sheet

Maps on the cloud

Maps for any device

Setup Wizard

Map My Sheet provides a sidebar from which you can configure it.

When you open Map My Sheet for the first time, Mp My Sheet provides step by step guided wizard to setup or to try Demo. Learn more on how to setup Fillable Document for the first time.

Demo Maps

Multiple Map Types

Now, Map My Sheet support different types of Google Map

Refresh Automatically

If you enable the Refresh Automatically button, Map My Sheet will refresh your published map after each 1 minute. If there is any new data added to your Google sheet, the map will automatically display newly added data.

Manage configuration

Now create, edit, save, list the maps, so that you create once and use as many as times you want.

Clone Map

Clone service in Map My Sheet makes an identical copy of the existing service. This comes very handy to users as they do not need to repeat configuration for multiple services.