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Info Window

What is Info Window ?

Info Window displays content (usually text or images) in a popup window on map, at a given location.

How to Configure Info window ?

Its very Easy. Just follow the steps below.

You have new tab Info Window Along with Marker Settings tab.

  • By Default all the columns in your Google sheets are made available as Info window elements.

  • For each elements configuration settings are available using that you can change your info window elements styles.

  • Your Info window elements has two type named as Text and URL , By default type is Text

if your selection type is URL ,element displayed as link else its displayed normally.

  • Also, it has colour picker to choose colour for your info window element.
  • If you want you can choose font style. Some standard font types are available to choose
  • Font size adjustment also possible.we are providing some of main font sizes.
  • And, also if you want one more element along with existing info element, you can add.

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