Demo 5 - Automated Info Window

Scenario: Prepare a map of imagine apple store and present in info window.

This is a simple scenario show the imagine apple store information on map info window.

List Imagine apple store branches in a Google Sheet as shown below

Map My Sheet - Demo Spreadsheet

Configure the Info Window in "Map My Sheet" add on

Step 1:

  • Name the map as required.

  • Select the required sheet tab.

  • Select the required map type.

  • Select the required zoom level.

  • Switch on Clustering if required.(Clustering combines group of markers in to one marker with the count as label)

  • Switch on Refresh automatically if required.

Step 2:

  • Choose type of location as "Address" and Choose the "Address" field from the Google Sheet.

  • To Map your Data Longitude and latitude is Mandatory.

  • if you already have longitude and latitude then just select the header wherever it is necessary.

  • else click on button which has plus(+) symbol to add latitude and longitude in your Google sheet.

Step 3:

  • Select the Filter in required.

  • Select the required column from sheet.

  • Select the required type.

  • Click Add Filter to add more filter.

  • Change the order of the filter as required.

Step 4:

  • Select the required marker colour.

  • Select the required animation.

  • Click Add Marker to add more marker.

  • Select the required Marker.(A marker label is a letter or number that appears inside a marker.)

Visual Info Window

  • Users can visualize your info window data by clicking on preview button.

  • Info Window takes by default all the Sheet columns as elements of Info window.

  • The Info Window appears when you click on the marker in the Google Map.

  • If you want to see info window on-mouse over just click on check box "Show info window on mouseover"

  • Change the order of the Info window as required.

  • Click on Save to save the Map.

  • Click View Map to view the map.

  • Click on Publish Map to publish the map.

View Map


If you are not able to see Google Map below, Login to Google, reload screen and accept permissions (if prompted)

You can share the URL to others. However, please note that the Google Sheet also must be shared for them to load data for rendering into Google Map.

Hope you enjoyed the demo. Contact Us if you have any questions.