How to Use custom markers on Google Map?

What is Marker ?

A marker identifies a location on a map. By default, a marker uses a standard marker shown below.

Map My Sheet Provides you 7 markers to present your business data on Google Map colourfully.

You can also set your own Custom Markers into Map My Sheet

How to Store Custom Markers?

To store custom markers

  • On side nav bar -> select Custom Markers
  • Click on + button
  • Type the name of marker
  • Give the marker link
  • Click on save

You can use this in marker section across map configuration

Where you can get the custom marker icon?

Follow these steps.

  • In order to get the custom marker icon click here.
  • Check for paddle icons.
  • Right click on any one of the icons from mouse and click the 'Copy image address' option.
  • And repeat the above instructions on how to store custom markers.

How to Configure Markers?

In this section you will set marker colour, animation based on Condition

  • Default marker setting will appear in your map. It has red colour and none animation. if you want you can modify default marker setting by clicking on Pin and Ani.
  • Change the default pin colour by clicking on default pin below Marker.
  • When you click on that red(default) pin. It display some few more different coloured pins. Then you can select whichever colour you want.
  • Similar to Animation also just click on None (Default) Animation type and can change it.

Add Marker

To Configure different markers click on ( + ) Add Marker

  • In condition you have 2 fields Field and Value.
  • In field, you will get the sheet column headers. Select the Field you need
  • Based on first field selection second field values are available. You can type by key letter too
  • Change Marker by clicking the marker below the marker section (Your custom markers also have been listed)
  • Change Animation by clicking the animation type under the Animation section

Sample map with custom markers

In this map Cities in Florida using Custom Marker