Generate API Key

How to generate API key ?

Why do I need Google Maps API Key?

Google Maps Platform has made API key mandatory for some regions and scenarios.

You need your own API key if you are on a Basic plan or "User-Supplied Key" plan.
Please refer to the Pricing for details on the plans.
For plans where 'Jivrus Managed key' are applicable, you do not need to supply a key

Google's note on API Key

Please check Google Documentation to learn more about API key need

Without an API key, maps in this region will appear with a "for development purposes only" watermark in the darkened background (see the sample map below). Also, the quota limitations from Google are attached to the API key.

Steps to generate API key

Important Note: 

For further reading, please refer to Google Documentation for Steps to generate the API Key

Setup API Key in "Map My Sheet"

To setup, API Key in Map My Sheet,

Note: If you have already published the map, please republish the map after adding the API key.