Easy and Simple

To Present your business data on Google Map, use Map my Sheet add-on; it is very easiest way.

Straight from Google Sheet

Map My Sheet will take data from selected Google Sheet.

Maps on the cloud

Your maps are available on Google cloud so you can share your map data with your colleague or any other user, with your permission of Google sheet.

Maps for any device

Map my sheet Maps are completely responsive so it is available in mobile, tablets and your desktop/laptops.

Locate by Address

It will place marker to location based on address. And it will generate your location's longitude and latitude.

Locate by Geo-Coordinates

It will place marker directly based on longitude and longitude if you already have.

Generate GEO Coordinates

If you added new row on your Google sheet. Map My Sheet has "Generate Geo Co ordinates" feature to calculate lat, long for newly added record.

Cache Geo Coordinates

One of the best feature is, it will cache your locations latitude and longitude and reuse.

Custom colored Markers

Map my sheet allows you to design your map based on your requirement. You can customise colour. There are 7 different colours of marker provided.

Animated markers

You can also customise the animation of marker.

Conditional grouping

In Map My Sheet you can group markers based on required condition.


Clustering combines group of markers in to one marker with number of markers as label.


label will display some selected value on each Google Map marker.

Multiple Map Types

Now ,Map My Sheet support different types of Google Map. Road map, satellite, terrain, hybrid.

Automated info window

Info Window will show your data as pop-up window on Google Map. All fields from Sheet are shown by default.

Customisable Info window

You can customise your info window data. Map my sheet provides colours, font-size, font-style also.

Visual Info window

Now in Map My Sheet you can visualise your info window data by clicking on preview button

Fields positioning

coming soon

Free flow Search

In free flow search, you can search with free flow of your Google sheet Data on Google Map.

Multi column filtering

Map My Sheet also provides Filter. It will present only required data on Google Map.

Column Filter summary

In Map My Sheet you can filter columns to display only the selected markers.

Near By Filter

coming soon

Manage configuration

In Map My Sheet you can create , edit , save, list the maps, so that you create once and use as many as times you want.

White label

custom logo, title, etc

coming soon

Publish Map

Publish Map is one of the best feature of the "Map My Sheet". You can share your map with your co-workers, they can view your map without logging in.


coming soon

Refresh Automatically

This is one of the best feature to track your data on map. If you enable the Refresh Automatically button, Map My Sheet will refresh your map after each 10 sec. If there is any new data added in your Google sheet , the map will automatically display newly added data.