How to filter Google

map markers ?

What is filters?

Filters are conditions used to display the matching markers on your Google Map.

How to set filters ?

By default filter list empty, it means all your markers are visible. Using filter you can display only few markers according to your requirements.

  • To set Filters, Click on Add Filter button
  • It will allow you to add and edit filters.


  • The main part of your filter configuration is selection of column. The filter gets applied on the column that you are selecting here.


Filter has two types, Text & Drop down.

  • By default it will take Text as selected type.
  • If you select the type Text, in your map it will provide you auto-complete text box to filter. For example, Branch Name field
  • Drop down is your selected type, then it will provide you a list of unique values for that field in your map to filter. For example, City field

Default Value

It allows you to enter a particular value for selected column as initial filter value. When set, your map will be filtered with that particular initial value by default.

Sample map