Visualize your Google Sheet data on the Map

Use Map My Sheet add-on to present your data from Google Sheets to Google Maps.

Unbelievable features! just few clicks away

What is Map My Sheet?

"Map My Sheet" is an add-on application for Google Workspace that presents Google Sheets data into Google Maps with configurable location, markers, and info window.

  • provides custom markers and animations

  • locates markers based on Address or Longitude and Latitude.

  • provides comprehensive and customizable Info Window

It is a product from Jivrus Technologies.

Who needs map my sheet ?

  • You could be a business owner, the store manager who wants to see all your stores, branches from Google Sheet in Google Maps

  • You could be a professional in industries like education, retail, or just an individual who wants to visualize your data on the Map.

  • Map My Sheet makes it easy to view data from Google Sheet on Map with all the powerful features of Google Maps without any coding. So anyone can view a custom-built map with just a few clicks

Look what our customer says

"Nice and simple. And has a nice guide to start learning."

The potential for this to become a great and helpful add on is very high .

Jake Murphy | Fleet coordinator

Kings Transport

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