Simply put your Google Sheet data on the Map

Use Map My Sheet add-on to present your data from Google Sheets to Google Maps. Unbelievable features! just few clicks away

What is Map My Sheet?

"Map My Sheet" is a add on application for Google GSuite that presents Google Sheets data into Google Maps with configurable location, markers and info window.

  • provides custom markers and animations
  • locates markers based on Address or Longitude and Latitude.
  • provides comprehensive and customisable Info Window

It is product from Jivrus Technologies.

Features of Map My Sheet

  • Easy and Simple
  • Straight from Google Sheet
  • Maps on the cloud
  • Maps for any device
  • Locate by Geo Coordinates
  • Locate by Geo Coordinates
  • Locate by Address
  • Generate Geo Coordinates
  • Cache Geo Coordinates
  • Custom colored Markers
  • Animated markers
  • Conditional grouping
  • Clustering
  • Labeling
  • Multiple Map Types
  • Automated info window
  • Customisable Info window
  • Visual Info window
  • Fields positioning
  • Free flow Search
  • Multi column filtering
  • Column Filter summary
  • Near By Filter
  • Manage configuration
  • White label
  • Publish Map
  • Direction
  • Refresh Automatically

Who needs map my sheet ?

  • You could be a business owner, store manager who wants to see all your stores, branches from Google Sheet in Google Maps
  • You could be professional in industries like education, retail or just individual who wants to visualise your data on the Map.
  • Map My Sheet makes it easy to view data from Google Sheet on Map with all powerful features of Google Maps without any coding. So anyone can view custom built map with just few clicks

"Nice and simple. And has a nice guide to start learning."

The potential for this to become a great and helpful add on is very high .

Jake Murphy | Fleet coordinator

Kings Transport

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