Demo-7 Filters

Scenario: Prepare a map of USA State Population and Filter in Map.

This is a simple scenario show the USA State Population information on map. Filter based on your requirement.

Step 1 : List USA State Population information in Google Sheet as show below

Map My Sheet - Demo Spreadsheet

Step 2 : Configure Filter on your Map My Sheet add on.

You have new tab Filters along with Location.when you click on filter, you will get a button named as add filter with Plus(+) icon.

When you click on Add Filter (+) plus button it will allow you to add and edit filters.

To configure filter you have to select type. it has two type named as Text, Drop down.

  • By default it will take Text as selected type.

if you select the type Text. In your map it will provide you auto completed text box to filter.

Drop down is your selected type then it will provide you a list of option in your map to filter.

The main part of your filter configuration is selection of column. In your map it will show all the unique values of that column.

Settings Icon allow you to enter a particular value of selected column. And in your map it will display only that particular value.

  • if you click on done mark that will save your data.
  • if you don't want just click on cross mark that will clear the value .

Step 3 : View Map


If you are not able to see Google Map below, Login to Google, reload screen and accept permissions (if prompted)

Based on your branch name selection it will display the marker.

Hope you enjoyed the demo. Contact Us if you have any questions.